Poor Ann, the “victim”.

And the Twitter rage against Delta still continues. Now I am not a fan of the airlines’ overbooking practices, which is probably the most absurd practice EVER implemented in any business. Concerts do not do this, nor do movie theaters, or even Amtrak (to the best of my knowledge), so why the airline industry engaging in this form of tomfoolery is beyond me. But this post is not about my views on the (questionable) practices of the airline industry. This is really about our “Victim of the Year”: Ann Coulter. A funny thing about “our” girl Ann. Most of us, Republicans (or ex-Republicans) view her as that drunken girlfriend that gets her boyfriend into fights that he never asked for. I know shocking but a LOT of Republicans don’t really like the “attention” that she brings to us. It is that misery love company syndrome. There is a lot of crap that is wrong with NYC, and the people who live their know this, but if some celebrity was to appear on the television and talk smack about NYC, they’d get an earful … despite the fact that these very folks, behind closed doors, will be cursing out NYC about its cost of living, taxes, and transit system. And so it is with our girl Ann and her ilk (Malkin, Hannity, etc.). As most people would know by now, even those living under a rock, that Ms. Coulter was unceremoniously bounced from her “PRE-BOOKED” seat and replaced with a Mila Kunis look-alike. And ever since then, Twitter is aflame with Ms. Coulter’s rage and scorn for Delta. She’s crying about being victimized, and being singled out for political reasons. Really now. This is someone that tells people that complain about losing things like healthcare, jobs, or certain rights … to shut up and stop playing the victim. In other words things that REALLY matter, and makes your extra legroom seat seem trivial. The most interesting thing about this is that Ann and her ilk have rallied for years about deregulation of businesses, as is being the current agenda in the current administration. Well, Ann, what did you expect? This is what happens when business don’t have to answer to certain rules and they play by their own rules (which they can change also … on the fly … without proper notification). And the really bad news is that this is just a taste of what’s to come in a potentially deregulated nation. What’s next? Bumping you off flights completely? To rephrase the talking head from the movie Airplane: you knew what you were pushing, you knew what you were creating … I say deal with it. Yes Ann, deal with it. So how is deregulation working for you, sweetheart?