Poor Ann, the “victim”.

And the Twitter rage against Delta still continues. Now I am not a fan of the airlines’ overbooking practices, which is probably the most absurd practice EVER implemented in any business. Concerts do not do this, nor do movie theaters, or even Amtrak (to the best of my knowledge), so why the airline industry engaging in this form of tomfoolery is beyond me. But this post is not about my views on the (questionable) practices of the airline industry. This is really about our “Victim of the Year”: Ann Coulter. A funny thing about “our” girl Ann. Most of us, Republicans (or ex-Republicans) view her as that drunken girlfriend that gets her boyfriend into fights that he never asked for. I know shocking but a LOT of Republicans don’t really like the “attention” that she brings to us. It is that misery love company syndrome. There is a lot of crap that is wrong with NYC, and the people who live their know this, but if some celebrity was to appear on the television and talk smack about NYC, they’d get an earful … despite the fact that these very folks, behind closed doors, will be cursing out NYC about its cost of living, taxes, and transit system. And so it is with our girl Ann and her ilk (Malkin, Hannity, etc.). As most people would know by now, even those living under a rock, that Ms. Coulter was unceremoniously bounced from her “PRE-BOOKED” seat and replaced with a Mila Kunis look-alike. And ever since then, Twitter is aflame with Ms. Coulter’s rage and scorn for Delta. She’s crying about being victimized, and being singled out for political reasons. Really now. This is someone that tells people that complain about losing things like healthcare, jobs, or certain rights … to shut up and stop playing the victim. In other words things that REALLY matter, and makes your extra legroom seat seem trivial. The most interesting thing about this is that Ann and her ilk have rallied for years about deregulation of businesses, as is being the current agenda in the current administration. Well, Ann, what did you expect? This is what happens when business don’t have to answer to certain rules and they play by their own rules (which they can change also … on the fly … without proper notification). And the really bad news is that this is just a taste of what’s to come in a potentially deregulated nation. What’s next? Bumping you off flights completely? To rephrase the talking head from the movie Airplane: you knew what you were pushing, you knew what you were creating … I say deal with it. Yes Ann, deal with it. So how is deregulation working for you, sweetheart?


Fake news is a not an excuse for accountability.

I haven’t posted much since I created this blog. So like a pressure cooker, I’ve built up some mental “steam” and I need to vent or I might explode.


It is no wonder why I am no longer a Republican because of this crap that I have to listen to coming through the airwaves every frigging day. If a dollar was deducted from our national debt every time, some walking pile of incompetence that is in the White House inner circle mentions the words “fake news”, this country would be in the black. And that would have actually been an accomplishment for this dysfunctional administration if this was possible … but this ain’t no happy, happy world. In the military there is a thing called psy ops or psychological operations, and sometimes a feel that every time the White House speaks to the press it is more psy ops than informing the public. Namely, it a sad and pathetic excuse at subliminal programming. Yes, keeping say “fake news” and eventually it we’ll all be regurgitating it at a Pavlovian level. Sure. Um, no. Maybe the frauds that have infiltrated the Republican party that have excused themselves from thinking FOR THEIR OWN DAMN SELVES, but anyone with half a functioning brain (even on crack) can see this for what it is. And this is nothing new with the Republican party. Sure if it is a non-Republican, let’s break out the pitchforks and torches and hold their feet to the fire in the name of accountability. If the shoes, however, falls on your foot instead of accountability, let’s put the blame on external elements or individuals. Or as the new administration strategy edicts: let’s just call the stuff fake news and hopefully the people would ignore them and listen to us instead. Yes, if we were a nation of lobotomized assholes. Good one.

Here’s an idea: how about owning up to the crap that you say and do. Believe it or not, people would actually respect you for it (including Democrats and liberals). I know it is a radical concept and has only been around for the last several MILLENIUMS. It doesn’t make you manly to toss people under the bus based on crap that YOU did. Anyone that thinks this is being “in charge” or “manly” are either internet trolls or assholes. In my book, it makes you look incompetent, unstable and untrustworthy. And the gall to call out other media as “fake news” whilst aligning yourself with the likes of The Enquirer (are you kidding me).  It is laughable. And a good reason why I tore up my Republican voter card. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back … when some sanity in the Republican party returns. Until then … sure.


P.S. Change your tampon, put down the Twitter account, stop picking fights with irrelevance, and do your DAMN JOB.

I am no longer Republican

I am your typical white American. Grew up in Texas in a moderately Republican household, moved to California where I went to high school and upon graduation enlisted in the Army. Served six years and to be honest, the closest I ever saw battle was when I as deployed to fight the first Gulf War and Somalia. We all know how long that lasted and how messed up that was. When I left the service, I was still in my twenties, so I went back to school and got my degree in mechanical engineering. And over the years one couldn’t help notice the change in the Republican “scheme” of things. There was a time when people lived by their word and their word was their bond. Today, a lot of folks talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk. I’ve seen this “party” call out the other guys when they messed up and some (not all) have actually taken accountability. The funny thing is when my party members get caught with their hands in the till, the accountability goes out the window and then comes the scapegoating, the blame game and lame excuses. There is a word for that, folks: hypocrisy. Case and point: when a certain Democrat president got caught with his zipper undone, it became a year-long witch hunt that was downright embarrassing (if you read the court transcript). Interestingly enough, when another Republican got caught sleeping around with MALE pages … all of a sudden, it was a case for a rehab stint. No taxpayers’ dollars wasted on embarrassing witch hunts. So apparently, there is two sets of rules, for dealing with same problem. What a farce. And a waste of taxpayers’ time and money. Last election only proved to me that people are so damned blinded by hate and anger that logic and common sense have sacrificed on the altar of nationalism.  Which is even more sad. As a veteran (and the son of a Vietnam veteran) I took it quite hard when the plight of American POWs were not only mocked but insulted, and yet to find people from my “party” that were willing to stand behind this. That was the last straw. I’ve discussed my stance with my family and though they’ve decided to stay they do understand where I am coming from. Especially my father. And so I am no longer Republican since I no longer recognize my party and the frauds that populate it. I fear that my “party” AND my faith has been hijacked my mostly frauds. And no, I will definitely not become Democrat. I will be Independent.