I am no longer Republican

I am your typical white American. Grew up in Texas in a moderately Republican household, moved to California where I went to high school and upon graduation enlisted in the Army. Served six years and to be honest, the closest I ever saw battle was when I as deployed to fight the first Gulf War and Somalia. We all know how long that lasted and how messed up that was. When I left the service, I was still in my twenties, so I went back to school and got my degree in mechanical engineering. And over the years one couldn’t help notice the change in the Republican “scheme” of things. There was a time when people lived by their word and their word was their bond. Today, a lot of folks talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk. I’ve seen this “party” call out the other guys when they messed up and some (not all) have actually taken accountability. The funny thing is when my party members get caught with their hands in the till, the accountability goes out the window and then comes the scapegoating, the blame game and lame excuses. There is a word for that, folks: hypocrisy. Case and point: when a certain Democrat president got caught with his zipper undone, it became a year-long witch hunt that was downright embarrassing (if you read the court transcript). Interestingly enough, when another Republican got caught sleeping around with MALE pages … all of a sudden, it was a case for a rehab stint. No taxpayers’ dollars wasted on embarrassing witch hunts. So apparently, there is two sets of rules, for dealing with same problem. What a farce. And a waste of taxpayers’ time and money. Last election only proved to me that people are so damned blinded by hate and anger that logic and common sense have sacrificed on the altar of nationalism.  Which is even more sad. As a veteran (and the son of a Vietnam veteran) I took it quite hard when the plight of American POWs were not only mocked but insulted, and yet to find people from my “party” that were willing to stand behind this. That was the last straw. I’ve discussed my stance with my family and though they’ve decided to stay they do understand where I am coming from. Especially my father. And so I am no longer Republican since I no longer recognize my party and the frauds that populate it. I fear that my “party” AND my faith has been hijacked my mostly frauds. And no, I will definitely not become Democrat. I will be Independent.